Intent Based Content Strategy: Reason to start writing for Live Audience

Intent based content writing, Search intent for content

Search intent has to be your primary focus when creating the content. After all, intent based content writing is an effective way of marketing campaigns.

Traffic on site is important but more than that you need the traffic that converts well. SEO optimized posts bring more traffic to a site, But Content creation with intent drives more conversions.

Indeed, you need to understand the purpose for search first while targeting the keyword. As every keyword has a particular information purpose, later on, that helps in Intent based content strategy.  But before discussing how to optimize content for search, let’s understand what is Search intent.


What is Search Intent?

Search intent means the reason behind the searcher’s query. Showing WHY searchers want to understand and evaluate a particular subject. Purpose behind every question is not the same and the type of information also varies accordingly.

If you want to reach your target audience’s specific needs, your post needs to be optimized for the specific question. Without following the search means, you may reach the top ranking on Google, But at the end failed in serving the information purpose to the audience. 

Types of Search intent are: 

  • Informational 
  • Commercial
  • Transactional 
  • Navigational

Like in each sales funnel stage, audience requires own purposeful material, you need to provide the specified post aiming for their interest. For that, you have to create informative blog posts to convert landing pages, that result in a successful marketing campaign. You can create a post that gains more traffic, but converting posts supports your business at the end. 


Need for Intent based Content Writing

Of course, your website is SEO friendly plus all blogs are written by targeting the right keywords. But if your Post intention is not clear, then it will fail to leave a desirable impact. The audience very well knows what type of information they need.

Having a writing intent defined, not only helps to come up with more content ideas but also to add required things to cover within your post. Because your post demands to cover everything that searchers looking for that helping them to take action. 

Don’t forget that your time on site is also a key factor while ranking your posts. Based on the post and website dwell time, Google understands how much value your site has. As said earlier, qualitative posts hold readers’ interest and boost the conversion on site.


Google prefers Content with Intent

Since it’s the time of the search algorithm, Google is becoming advanced in knowing the purpose behind every query. Writing posts with keyword stuffing is not work anymore, you have to have some aim to serve information. Information with intent is what the audience and even google want from your end. Such posts tend to rank higher on the particular key phrase that answering what targeted audience looking for. A better way is to follow SEO plus content marketing in process.


Purposeful contents in Sales Funnel

Service inquiries and Product buying won’t happen anyway. It’s a continuous process that happens due to sequential information and testing from audience’ side. The process called the Sales funnel, that person went through before making the purchase. Your approach to writing intent based content ultimately supports your target audience to become your regular customer. As you have provided the information on a regular interval that they require to take action.

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When your Intent is clear, Conversion is certain

Like every post has a unique presentation and needs, audiences consume likewise. The more relevant your post is to the audience’s primary demands, the more they like to interact with your marketing message. Intent based content actually convinces your audience with the right information they seek. Like said in marketing, you don’t have to promote your services always. You just have to show how you can help them. That’s what your marketing has to do. 


Drives marketing efforts in the Right direction

Online marketing is a broad subject and you just can’t rely on your SEO team to generate the business out of it. As part of optimized blog creation, you need a marketing team and sales experts to prepare the intent based content. Such a campaign is possible with team efforts and maximizes the positive outcomes. You can create the post that acquires the masses, but using a specialized skill to understand the audience better, will result in acquiring more content marketing advantages.


…Because that’s what the audience actually needs

And the most common reason behind intent based content writing, as it’s the ultimate choice of the audience. That shows you understand what information researchers are looking for. Localized content marketing runs on the same purpose, where you transcribe your message in an easy way that relates to the local audience. Purposeful writing puts you closure to the audience’s interest and presents your marketing message the better away.

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How to optimize Content for Search Intent?

While optimizing post for the particular keyword, you aim for the keyword usage and placement as per SEO guidelines. That results in acquiring more traffic to that post. The keyword-optimized content only brings more traction to your website blogs. 

Whereas intent optimized post, target the right information needs and hold their interest in a post. Also, convince them with the appropriate solution providence. Optimized writing for intent, helps you get more out of your online visits, that turn into a web leads or sales. SO let’s further understand ways to optimize intent based content for better influence.


Informational Search Intent

The most common queries happening on search engines are with informational purpose. Where a person is looking for some valid resources to educate themselves and to learn something new for the first time. Usually, that is a Direct question, asked by the person on the search engines. 

When it comes to optimizing the content for informational queries, your article needs to be written in the form of answering the question. Aim to write the Blog that is descriptive enough to provide the solutions. Apart from that, you also have to consider the keyword placements in most prominent places within the article. Also in the post link, SEO title and meta description you need to place keywords strategically. 


Commercial Search Intent

The person searching with commercial purpose knows what really they need means, which product or services they want. But just not sure about where they found it?? So using some comparative keyword, they explore for the information that gives an idea of the best brand and product version to fit their demands.

These are the stages of evaluation and comparing with the best option available in the market, in terms of quality and product prices. As a business owner, here you can create posts such as List post or comparative post giving clear ideas about possible options for them to choose. Product review posts, service suggestions, and Post with “Best..” or “Top 10..” titles, are types of content with commercial intent.


Transactional Search Intent

The person searching with these queries has the highest purchase intent. They identify their problems as well as what solution they need. These queries are also a result after the commercial intent searches, as people have some own choice and want to find the actual product offering with this phrase. Mostly here they look for service features and product offerings. The intent based content writing here serves as an informative plus persuasive marketing tool.

For that, you have to prepare your web copy descriptive and persuasive enough to direct them to actual purchase. Keyphrase with Buy and Price, end up in on site purchase. Make sure your page structure is best to provide your service features and offerings well. Services inquiry pages, product landing pages are the types of website writing, created with transactional intent. 


Navigational Search Intent

Navigational search- is when a searcher knows what website and brand he wants to visit. Due to that, they type the exact same name or website address in the search bar. Queries with any Branded keyword informing Google that users want to access a particular site on the internet. 

To optimize your website for your brand name and keyword, the first thing your website and company have to attain online plus offline authority in the market. The more your brand is well known and unique in the market, the direct visit on site improves. Make sure your Homepage and service pages describe your brand name well. That indicates what your company is about and what you are offering. 


Final thoughts

Writing an article with specific target keywords is called SEO friendly post creation. Here you aim to rank your post in SERP and mostly write for the robots. On the other side, Intent based content writing focuses on the audience’s interest and purpose to advance their interest in your offer. 

At the time, when most companies are creating content with only SEO’s perspective, you can make an impact with user-friendly content. As SEO optimized blog will bring the traffic, but not guaranteed the conversion. Whereas, quality post that aims to provide solutions with intent targeting, ultimately results in the high converting post. Such posts bring more leads, service inquiries and even new product buyers on your site. 

Because after all, it’s the audience who takes the action, not the robot. Your focus has to be in writing for a live audience, not for the search engines. 

I hope that this post is enough to give an idea of why your every post has to aim for some search intent, also how to optimize for specific marketing purposes. Want to know the best content strategy for your business, feel free to contact us for complete Intent based content writing.