Targeted Content marketing : What it is and Why your Business needs that?

targeted content marketing

What is Targeted Content?

Targeted content is a marketing message that is created based on a selected audience’s Niche and their Needs. It relates to identifying who will be your target audience and presenting customized solutions by the customized contents.

Using targeted content marketing, you place your message in front of the people who are most likely to be your customers. Instead of writing and marketing content anyway, here you focus on potential impact first.

Here your writing approach shifting from general audience to targeted ones who actually benefit from your services and solution you offer. Having targeted content marketing you not only reach them at the right time with right solutions but also maximize the positive outcomes.


Why Targeted content marketing is important ??

Content marketing is a great tool to reach the target audience and promote the best offer right away. 

But the success of the content campaign depends on several elements in the process. Similarly, as you research and target keywords before writing, you also need to know your right audience to promote your services better way.

Audience targeting is the one key element of successful content marketing

The reason targeted contents are the only effective way of marketing, as it lets you achieve your business goal better.

You can follow the general post that fits for every human being. in most cases that turn into the content, that no one noticed. While creating posts with a defined target audience, you can successfully reach their needs and provide the solution.

Another reason to start creating targeted content is due to high competition. See your competitors are doing marketing plus the audience also has access to abundant information to take action. Your approach to reach the specific service need, with highly relevant posts can generate a decent impact with positive ROI.

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How to create Targeted Contents?

Now you know why targeted content is Best way to promote your offer. If you are looking for a process to create the message for a selected audience and their needs. Here sharing the factors to consider while following the targeted marketing.

Buyers’ Persona: Who they are?

Like every message has its purpose of writing, you have to be clear about who will be your target readers. The process of knowing your potential customers and creating a buyer’s persona is the first step in targeted content marketing.

Every alive person is our customers are not applicable to most and every business. Products and services are like solutions and differentiate between person to person. You need to find the ones who actually have interest & intent in your offers. 

Setting the buyer’s person can be on various aspects such as demographical, psychographic and geographic and all. Every segment has own unique buyer’s persona and profile of your likelihood buyers. According to your services and product types, you can determine your target audience combining two or more factors.


Marketing Funnel: What is their intent?

Once target audiences are defined. The next thing you require to follow is to identify the funnel stage, the decision-making process they are in. You have to look for a sales life cycle of awareness, consideration, evaluation and final purchase. As you have to create the material specific to each stage. 

At every four-stage, you provide post that encourages relevant audiences to take the next move. From awareness to evaluation, your audience’s decision making and thinking process are different. Likewise, you need to create the Post serving the specific intent.

At the awareness stage, your content needs to be creative and interesting enough so that your potential audience takes an interest in your first message. Consideration and evaluation stages are essential for converting them, here your post needs to be persuasive and problem-solving. Aim to create message that helps them in decision making, such as Purchase.

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Media Platform: Where will you find them?

Digital marketing is a broad term and provides several media to reach your target audience. As each media has own audience base and Post needs. So you have to find out what media are more related to your business industry. Media platforms can be more than owned and paid ones. It can be communities & Forum sites, also can be social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest separately. 

Every social media have their own audience group. Certainly, you can create one form of content and post to every social media available to you. And later find that your campaigns are not working as you planned. The main problems prevail in understanding the platform, you haven’t checked the exact needs and audience interest there.

Creating and promoting posts anyway to every platform look like a random salesperson mailing to every id in the list. To avoid that you have to be clear about who you are targeting and where. Opt for the social media platform that relates to your business and chance to meet your target audience.


Customized Content: How to reach them?

You know that social media having unique content needs. At this stage, you create the post for the platform that you choose. The platform can be your own website, third party website or social media. Considering your utlimate goal, you can create various types such as blog posts, infographics, case studies, images posts and all. 

Not every posts serving the same purpose and not created with the same process. Sometimes it’s better to have some experts help such as content consultants and agencies to guide you in creating customized content. That results in having the optimized post that are qualitative and responsive enough to hit your target audience’s information needs.

Your material needs to be created with the buyer’s persona and sales funnel. As every funnel have audience intent, you have to follow customized message for each. Informative articles, web Blogs are a kind of awareness post that educates your audience. Similarly, Website content, services pages, Gated posts, landing pages are pursuing them to take action.

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Audience Insight Tools: Are you succeeding in reaching them?

Paid media are highly targeted and provide the advance reports to understand your target audience before and after the campaigns. When you run a Facebook ad campaign, you have an opportunity to target the exact audience that you like to promote your ideas. Also, you can find the performance stats to understand more about the audience that engaged with your ads. 

But if you prefer not to use the paid campaigns and still want to know who has consumed your posts, you can acquire some tool for help. Google Analytics is the best tool to check your targeted content marketing outcomes. If you are more concerned about your website traffic and conversion, then audience insight report from analytics helps you more. 

Web stats like demographics & behavior data will help you understand your target audience better. Apart from that you also want to know your best traffic sources for lead generation. Refer to your web leads data and follow the process they interact with your offer.  At the end, you find their profile as well as the common sources of all acquired leads. Also to evaluate ad campaigns and paid promotion is worth or not. Check how your SEO and content marketing efforts are paid off, due to lead acquisition on site.

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Final thought

Targeted content marketing means a more qualified lead and conversion ratio. You can create the posts and expect your prospects notice that eventually. That sometimes can be successful, but if you really want to make more out of your campaign efforts…Targeted content marketing is worth.

You have to prepare the criteria of the prospect and create the article accordingly. Moreover, if you are local business and want to reach a local audience using custom messages, then localized content marketing is something you need.

The target marketing is much more effective with the paid ads, where you can decide who will see your ads based on your ideal audience. But if you want to reach them without spending money, then you can still follow target content marketing by preparing the Business Blogs, Landing pages, case-studies, or even gated posts aiming to reach a target audience with customized content.