Blog Content Ideas: How to decide what to write next ?

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Agree that writing is a tough task to do. But to come up with the Blog content idea of what to write is more challenging for the marketers and creators. 

Because writing is not about presenting your thoughts, it also of How you can understand the actual information needs and create the demanded Blog Post. 

If you are also feeling blank due to not having any content idea to start writing,or just can’t decide yet which topic to write. Then this post is for you. Here sharing possible ways to create new Blog ideas.


Generating the Blog content idea in the quack

Have a list of Blog topic in Advance

A successful Blog requires advance planning. Writing without planning can be a time-consuming process to follow. In that case, you find most your time went into idea generation and remains very little to write. 

Instead, every time producing more ideas and then writing on the same day, it’s better to have a prepared Blogging schedule already. Before writing, you have to create your own content planning over what topic you will cover in your next post. 

So take your time and prepare the complete writing structure and divide the topics over relevant categorization,if you write for a broad subject. That makes it easy for you to select the right topic and considering the specific sub-category of it. 

One day of generating content ideas for blogs for whole month ultimately saves most of your time. Which later on maybe wasted in thinking about a topic to write and content curation.


Google tools for topic generation

If you are focusing on writing the post for your website, then getting help from google tools in generating relevant blog idea is at best. Using Google analytics and webmaster tools has to be your first content idea generation tool. 

Data from such tools help you to understand your audience and the solutions they are looking for. Targeting such suggestions, and you have some blog topics to write. Already ranked pages may be shown on the different keywords that you haven’t targeted yet. Based on that you can create the separate relevant post focusing on a particular keyword and you have the next blog content idea. 

Look for which the exact question they are looking for on search engines. Preparing unique and creative articles on the subject, you not only attract more traffic on site but also develop a connection with them using the right posts.

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Q & A sites

Online question-answer sites, such as Quora are the best way to participate in online discussion. Find the content ideas for blogs related to your subject area and the niche you target. Look for the right thread and curate opinions from discussion going on. 

This platform provides the topic directly from the audience, rather than a random idea generation tool. As these sites regularly get questions inquiries with a healthy discussion, you can get some blog content ideas and can outline your format. So that you can share created posts on the same question later on.

Apart from that, you can also use other sites such as LinkedIn, Reddit, medium, other forum sites similar to your niche to get your next post idea. 


Competitors Analysis

Online or offline, your top competitors are the best learning resource. When it comes to writing a competitive blog post to rank higher on a search engine, you have to be ready with the content topics and relevant articles that help to reach there. 

Look for other top-ranking blogs of your niche, and acquire the content idea for blogs from there. Here you research for the creative aspects. Every blog post that your competitors and others in the industry have written, find the purpose they have. 

Going through their article will provide you the insight of what keyword they target and their target audience. Aim to create an article that is advanced than your competitors. Include all possible examples and areas that their posts haven’t. 

Follow the Skyscraper technique while creating Blog posts. That includes searching for industry blogs ranking at the top in the specific topic. Then write the descriptive post that covers a major aspect of the subject, answering and explaining every query that audience may have.

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Google Suggestions and LSIs

google suggestions, content idea creation

Google search bar is also giving you the best topic ideas. Put your seed keyword in the google search and that will suggest a relevant content idea for blogs that people are already using to search the information. Those keyword suggestions are from google itself based on searcher’s common queries, which are enough to give you an insight into what words they apply. 

LSI Keywords, content idea generation

Apart from that, Google also suggests some similar keyword at the bottom of SERP. Known as LSI, such keywords can also be your next idea and the topics to cover in a particular subject blog. Depending on the subject matter and your writing approach, you can include such a topic within the Pillar post or can create separate posts discussing the same in detail. 


Blog content idea generation tools

If you like to get some more insight into the keywords and require to know data stats such as search volume and competition, you better have some tools to help. Same as keyword research tools, that give you the best meaning of keywords to work upon. Some of them also provide suggested keyword to target and question to answer for.

Keyword tools give you an idea of what keyword/subject to write upon. And if you want the exact content ideas for blogs, then some tools help with that. 

Here sharing the Blog idea generation to use for right topics: 


Supplementary Posts

Look into your website blogs, for the topic inspiration. Gone through the post that you have published on-site and you can get some best ideas to work on. Such an in-depth article helps you create the supplementary post to the main article and provide an internal link to the main. 

Aim to target the subject matter that you mention in a particular post and haven’t written anything about it. Create some cluster blog content ideas, supporting the pillar post and build a valid information source. More than that you can update your old posts with recent trends and data.

Similarly, you can write some of the research studies on the subject to pass the authority. That also signals to the audience & search engine that you have a valid information resource with researched data and updated posts.

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Final thoughts

Indeed, every day is not the same as getting a content idea of what to write today. Someday you have so many ideas in mind to schedule for a week, while in some cases you find yourself looking at a blank page for hours. 

The best approach as a content creator is to plan in advance. It’s great that you spend the first one or two days deciding the whole marketing strategies and concepts to follow. Probably you thinking twice about spending the whole two days just for topics ideas. But that is better than spending daily 2-3 hours on generating ideas, rather actual writing.

Here shared Blog topic generation is our approach that we follow tor every our Blog, also there are many other ways other than that. If you are facing any issue with creating content ideas for blogs and writing process, then feel free to contact us. We at wordzyx, are here to help you with our Blog writing services, to plan and implement the marketing strategies that you need. 

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