Content Marketing Funnel: Definition, Importance & Content types to create

What is Content marketing funnel, stages of marketing funnel

Content marketing funnel is also an essential factor for any content campaign. 

The success of content marketing never depends on a single factor such as writing only. There are many key content elements and factors you need to consider in the marketing process. 

As an essential factor, content marketing funnel is also playing a quite decent role in the campaign’s performance. 

Sales funnel in content marketing is a key term that can make or break your content performance. 

Content strategies with the buyer’s journey ensure that every team effort is directed towards the ultimate marketing goals. 

As content created considering the funnel stages and audience within tends to leave a maximum impact. 

But before that, let’s discuss what is the content marketing funnel and how it helps your business goals. 

What is the Content Marketing Funnel?

Content marketing funnel is a systemized content mechanism, that is supported by custom contents for the target audience, and aims to lead them to the next stage. The goal of the funnel is to create and maintain the audience’s interest in the products or in brands and direct them to take action, such as a purchase. 

The reason to have a marketing funnel is that it helps you create a profile of your buyer’s persona and the contents likewise. The more your content connects with the actual information needs, the more you likely to acquire qualified leads. 

With the right information conveying the optimum solutions, create also maintains the trust in your offer. Every sale is going through stages, including information gathering, validation of information, alternative finding and finally purchase decision. 

Content marketing lets you reach your target audience with the right content including the solutions they seek. In the digital age, contents are the most effective marketing left as it focuses on the audience first and not to sell from the first.

Every funnel stage, you provide customized content(Reasons) for them to go ahead to the next step. The process is like a filtration that minimizes the prospects and finally provides a lead with the highest interest and actual Purchase intent. So what are the stage through which potential becomes customer, let’s discuss further.  

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Four stages of B2B content marketing funnel: 

  • Awareness: Where leads are found the first time and are familiar with the brand.
  • Consideration:  Where they understand How your products fit their requirements
  • Evaluation: Where the audience searches for other options available.
  • Purchase: Where they confirm the purchase and Buy it. 

As a content marketer, it’s essential to define your company sales funnel while strategizing the process. That assist your content writing and marketing process later on. 

Content marketing stages, ultimately supports the content strategies and makes the campaign goals achievable. Having a clear define funnel right from the beginning helps the following other decision-making and elements such as: 

Now let’s understand each one stage one-by-one and find out how to make more out of each funnel stage. So that you can achieve maximum content marketing benefits from your campaigns in terms of more: Traffic-Leads-Sales. 


Awareness Stage

The very first stage of the buyer’s journey or content marketing funnel is Awareness. This is the stage where your audience’ first interacts with your brand. The stage when they probably get to see your brand name, products, offers and content for the first time. Your content at here, inform them that you exist in the market. 

Awareness content aims to educate plus aware of the audience about the Brand and offers. Also, you need to produce the content that presents your company and build brand awareness. 

Here your content initiates the decision-making process. With leaving an idea of their problem.  It may happen that your target audience may or may not know that they are facing issues. So you inform them what are the challenges they face and what can they need to do for that. 

Along the side, you also have to inform them of What your Brand is about. For that, you place some hooks in your content, so that they can memorize your message first. 

What are the types of content at the awareness stage?


Consideration Stage

The 2nd stage of the marketing funnel is the consideration stage. Here you present your best offer, a solution to solve their problem. Content created at consideration, aim to highlight your products and services to them. From the first stage, they know what the problem they have. So this stage needs to be a problem-solving. 

Though content you reach them and educate them on the solutions they need. Using the video tutorial and case studies, you inform them of the best solution you have for them. Even some potential customers at this stage, look for the information via online seminars and consulting with other agencies.

Like every other stage, this also an important stage of the buyer’s journey as here you also have a chance to make a stronger connection. Through customized message and service guidelines you show them, you are the right option for them and want to help them.

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What are the types of content at the consideration stage?

  • Case studies
  • How-to articles
  • Video presentations
  • Whitepapers
  • Infographics
  • Landing pages


Evaluation Stage

The next stage of the marketing funnel is Evaluation Stage.  At this point, your target audience very well knows what is the problem and how to solve them. As you have provided the right content from an early process, they have somewhat idea that you can be the right option for them. But before making a final purchase, they want to know more information over your alternatives. 

Indeed, most of them prefer to compare your offer with the price and quality with your competitors and analyze what fits their budget and actual needs. This is the decision-making stage and requires the maximum attention, also a sensitive stage of the process. 

It’s better from your end to provide an all possible benefit, they have from your offer. Because they continuously looking for the best alternative of yours. Here you can describe to them how you are the best option they can have. Create a comparative post, that they can easily compare your offer with other competitors. Showcase your USPs, how your services are the best in the market. 

What are the types of content at the Evaluation stage?

  • Product offers
  • Case studies
  • Retargeting posts
  • Comparison charts
  • Infographics


Purchase Stage

The audience at the last stage of the sales funnel, have finalized to purchase your product and actually buys it. This stage defines that every content efforts are in the right direction, and enough to convince them with your offer. Also, you present your best offers and extra advantages to make the decision quickly.

Sometimes, you also have to give your product samples and service trials to them, because they just want to test with. As the final stage of the buyer’s journey, they most likely to analyze your offer to make a purchase decision. 

Content creation at the purchase stage has to be created by focusing on a custom solution, you present them a tailored message discussing how to use your product and render the services. Throughout all stages, they have analyzed that your offer and finalized that your solutions they about to take and finally make the purchase. 

What are the types of content at the Evaluation stage?

  • Product samples
  • Service Demos
  • Free trials
  • Consultations
  • Testimonials

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Close contents: 

Indeed, just creating and promoting the contents will not only help. There’s a need to understand the buyer’s journey and target audience needs. The content is created with the researched intent, result in maximum positive outcomes with a qualified lead acquisition. 

Having a defined content marketing funnel direct your marketing efforts in the right direction and lets you achieve your content goals optimally. As said earlier that the base successful content marketing, depends on the strategies developed by considering all elements in the process. Just like your content goals, you have to be clear about Who your audiences are and Which buyer’s journey they are in. 

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