Content marketing and SEO: Difference and How it works together ??

Difference between Content marketing and SEO

Content marketing and SEO are the most favored online marketing tools that no digital marketer can bear to ignore. Even though both marketing strategies look different and apply separately, But are actually connected with one another.

The SEO with content marketing strategy ultimately leads businesses close to their marketing goals. But before looking into how this both works together, let’s understand the concept of content marketing and SEO separately. 


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – is an approach to optimize your website and its contents in order to rank higher in the search engines, primarily on Google SERPs. The purpose to achieve the higher ranks on defined keywords is to get more website traffic.

Most marketers prefer SEO for marketing, as traffic from a search engine directly describes the audience interest. Kind of pull strategy that you present the information and products, which they are looking for. 

Indeed there are around 200 ranking factors, search engines consider to rank a site on a specific keyword phrase. Among them, content relevancy is something that matters the most. So it’s better to have a quality content on the site with relevant information, than to work on every single ranking factors.

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What is Content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing approach to create and promote the researched content, designed for the targeted audience to educate them or to inform them about your offers.

The purpose of content marketing is to provide the information first, rather than selling from the very beginning. Content marketing requires continuous research the same as SEO, but here you find what information your audience wants. 

Considering your audience’s need you have to create the blog post, articles, Infographics, eBooks, case studies like Gated content and all. As every content type has its own marketing goal and information offering.

If you really want to target your audience’s needs, it’s better to create the content focusing on what sales funnel stage they are in. Content created with purchase behavior tends to become more effective than content created on random keywords.

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What is the difference between Content Marketing and SEO?

Content marketing and SEO are two different concepts and follow the separate marketing practices. And both rely heavily on the quality content. So how to differentiate them, let’s have a read further. 

Optimized content writing and quality content writing were the two writing approaches earlier. The first one focusing on writing for the search engine means to write in a way that ranks well. Whereas the second one is to write content for the person with some questions. This means, to provide the information that educates your readers.  

Where SEO focusing on the organic reach and specific keyword usage, content marketing is a selection between paid and organic campaigns. Content marketing relies on advertising campaigns and website content writing both. You can promote your content in many ways from paid to earned mediums. While SEO purely focuses on getting found via organic results.

To get more traffic and more impression, you need to rank higher on the particular key phrase with the right SEO approach. While content marketing does not always depend on the ranks, you can directly reach the audience you want in other ways. Though email marketing, social media ads,  paid promotions, you can place your message in front of them.  

Compared to content marketing, SEO is a technical subject at some point. You have to understand the search engine algorithm, site structure, website design, and development, at first. Because your website user experience also matters for ranking your site. 

While the success of content marketing depends on what type of content to produce, where to promote and how to optimize. So that viewers & readers take the final action. Here you aim to provide them solutions via information, with quality content.

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How content marketing and SEO work together?

Agree that content marketing and SEO have their own practices and rules to follow. But both can produce excellent marketing benefits, if planned and strategized equally. Whereas other content platforms including paid campaigns fail to achieve profitable results, you can bet on SEO for content marketing. The combination of content marketing and SEO, helps you to manifest your marketing message in front of the right audience, at the time when they need the most. 

Don’t forget that SEO is like pull marketing, whereas content marketing is mixed with Pull and Push marketing. The combination of the right content, added with seo factors will drive the results for the long term. Also, SEO and content marketing both take a significant time, before showing the actual magic. Unlike paid advertising, these seo and content marketing are free. All it takes, to have time to produce and promote the faithful content. 

Having a list of targeted keywords that your potential customers are looking for, supports your content marketing team efforts. It makes easy to plan and strategize content delivery and manage the content processes. 

Information and transactional keywords lead to separate content creation and provide the ideas over what your searchers are looking for. Content creation based on particular keywords and aiming the searcher’s intent leads to optimum solutions. Additionally, optimized content with search guidelines following, improves your content impressions and ranking.

The more relevant content is to the searcher’s intent, your content more likely to reach them at a precise time. Because Google prefers the relevancy of page content and keyword intent. Creating quality content with detailed information worth your time and writing efforts. 

Apart from bringing targeted traffic on-site, your SEO and content marketing efforts help you create a direct connection with your audience. Via providing good site usage experience and better solutions, you can improve your brand image as well. That improves return visit on your site, with directly typing your domain in the search.

In the long run, it helps you create a brand authority and preference for a particular niche. Because navigational search gives signals to Google that your website is a credible source of information that the audience wants.

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Close content:

In today’s competitive environment, content is everything. Without content, SEO is not possible. Simply relying on a number of backlinks from any website, does not work anymore. Even not those other old-school backlink tactics that manipulate the search engines to prefer your content. Content quality and its relevance is everything now.  

Just like your audience, Google is also smart enough to understand what your content is about. Still, you don’t need to build a number of backlinks from any source. Just focus on your content and write it in a way that fits a solution. Because if anyway you succeed at making the robot a fool, you can not trick the audience. Who have easy access to information and know what they actually want. 

In order to achieve the benefits of content marketing and SEO both, you need to have a documented strategy, Based on required research. Indeed, you need to perform marketing research on your competitors and industry trends. A researched strategy is always better than the ones that are created with just assumptions, thinking and all.

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