Types of contents must to have in your Digital marketing calendar

Types of contents , types of content marketing

In this Digital environment content is everything. 

From your website to product user-manuals, you need various types of content with a unique purpose.

When someone asks, how many contents type are there?

The answer is the same for questions like: How many stars in the universe?

You see it everywhere, But don’t have a specific number of it.  


Contents are Dynamic. The style and needs, changing as per the Demand.

Contents types can’t be measured in exact numbers. It has to be customized according to the Objects (Goal).

Need for creating contents are numerous, But various type of contents are developed due to purposes like…

  • Educational
  • Entertainment
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Audience/Customer engagements
  • Informational
  • Website promotions
  • Sales-driven
  • Social media promotion, etc

No matter which types of contents you create, it has to be a Quality content.

Means, opt for the content forms that makes a desirable impact on readers, Listener, or a viewers, and serving the Defined purpose. 

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Here presenting the list of content types Based on content-form:

1 Text

  • Newspaper articles
  • ebooks
  • Whitepapers
  • Case studies
  • Product Description
  • Testimonial
  • FAQs
  • User guides

2 Visual

  • Images
  • GIFs, Animations, Memes
  • Infographics
  • Screenshots
  • Report graphs

3 Video

  • How to- type videos
  • Vlogs
  • Product promotion
  • Webinar
  • Tutorials

4 Audio

  • Podcast
  • Voice message
  • Radio broadcasts
  • Radio commercials

5 Marketing

  • Company brochures
  • Banners & Flyers
  • Pamphlets
  • Email message
  • Presentations

6 Online

And,list goes on…

No one can give the exact number of how many content types required and consumed in marketing.

Like the audience’s preferences, Product demands, Seasonal factors, Technological changes and due to so many other reasons, marketing keeps evolving. 

You can see the variation in the contents as per the goals, platforms, style, medium, audience, and concepts.

It’s all on depending on the creators’ minds that how he can transform the message he supposes to do. (In a very productive way)

Furthermore, this post is to mention some online content types, that helps you to achieve your Branding goals.

Discussing post type that you need to take full advantage of online platforms. 

Because contents are worth a lot for Business especially in Digital marketing. 


Types of contents that your Businesses need for online marketing:

1. Blogs

Blogs are generally used content type since the origin of the internet.

Indeed, a blog takes time to create, research, outline and to finalize. But when being done perfectly it creates many opportunities for your Brand.

Blogging is a medium you can use to communicate with your audience (potential customers).

A created content, with keeping the audience’s interest in mind, makes your blogging successful.

Through Blog writing ,you can showcase your business, your services, your USPs.

But what matters in Blogging is, how your it helps (solve) the reader’s situation.

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Blog-type content’s offerings are…

  • Interaction with Audience
  • Improves Brand engagements
  • Provide an answer, Readers looking for
  • Promotional, Educational Purpose
  • SEO Advantages
  • Helps in website ranking


2. Articles

Articles are sort of content type that is famous due to its information deliverability.

A newspaper, magazines, Research reports are the article that serves reliable information.

Likewise in a digital world, the Article is published on websites to educate and engage the audience.

While writing an article, it’s a must that article is easy to scan (Read), convey the right information and moderately engaging.

And that makes the article worth reading and share with others.

Looking at the creation aspect, this type of contents are a compelling way to exhibit the information.

As they are easy to read and write, too.

Optimized article on your site benefits two ways, to provide the information for readers and Improve website ranking. 

And article “Optimized” mean-by the one that writes concerning to particular keyword. (Without stuffing, obvious thing!!)

An optimized article is the SEO article …if you recognize this name.

Article-type content offers…

  • Information source
  • Easy, understandable form
  • Increasing Return visitors
  • Improve the Trust in the Brand
  • Keep website updated
  • Boost website ranking
  • Market your Business


3. Social media Content

All types of content, are posted on various social media whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other- are the social media posts.

(The moment you create some random post and share it on social media, you become a Content creator. As you have something to share and you actually share.)

Social media offering a huge audience reach.

Through a single post, you can communicate with the people around the globe That’s the power of social media.

But there are some factors to consider, that make your social media campaign effective.

Like every types, social media posts need to be crafted with platform and audience’s interest.

Customized content + Consistency  = Effective Results

The challenges as social media content writer are…you always need to produce unique creative posts, to present your idea(Brand).

Social media content types’ offerings are…

  • Global Platform
  • Brand recognition
  • Direct interaction
  • Cost-effective
  • Creative marketing
  • Information sharing
  • Website traffic


4. Videos

A single video (effective one) takes a long time and efforts to create. But it delivers long-lasting results.

Yep, talking about Youtube

How to-, educational, promotional, video commercials or even paid video ads are part of video posts.

Video are easy to consume than other content types.

It covers audio, visual and textual information, which results in a clear understanding of the message.

Offerings of Video-type contents are…

  • Effective message delivery
  • Global exposure
  • Information source
  • Build trusts
  • Perfect for product launching
  • Appeal the mass


5. Podcast

Video is the visual form, whereas the podcast are in Audio form.

Those who have not that much time to sit still and watch the entire video, Podcasts are the option for them.

As it also widely used content type from the past few years.

Podcasts are effective as video, as this also offers a message recognition that lasts long.

If you like podcast, there are Directory of the Podcast available online for you to choose from. 

Benefit of podcasts are…

  • Simple and easy to consume
  • Brand awareness
  • Time-efficient
  • Cost-effective
  • Engaging
  • Direct brand message
  • Brand retention
6. Website content

Every content that is on every website, are the website content.

In online marketing, this type of content plays a significant part in your Business promotion.

Every business website needs own Brand post.

A infomration that matches with the Brand and promotes what the company serves.

In the internet era, your website is like a Marketing tool. It conveys your brand message to your potential buyers.

Website-type content helps you in…

  • Business image
  • Serve as a company brochure
  • SEO advantages
  • Direct visitors towards the goal
  • Improve conversion ratio
  • Brand building
Extra notes:

If you have a Brand and looking for right types to promote with…firstly, you need to determine goals and target audience, also the types of content that fit there. 

It has to be a customized content type, that speaks your brand message being shaped by audience plus platforms need. That directs readers to take action. 

Content marketing is a lengthy process involves data analysis, creation to optimization and promotion so on.

And if you are looking for right process to follow then, 

Check out the detailed post: Content Marketing Planning – An Ultimate Guide