What makes a Blog, the most important page on your Business website

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Blog is…A heart of website. 

Every business website having these common pages such as: Home, Services, about and contact. Creating these pages is a one-time activity.


Know the fact, you have a Company website and all these essential pages on it.

You done keyword research for each website pages and optimized the page contents.

Do you change entire website contents too often??

No, isn’t it!!!


As every contents are with targeted keywords and seo friendly plus performing well. Not need for change. 

While Google prefers an active website for ranking, active in term of content.

Here comes the importance of  “ACTIVE” Blog page for your Business site.


As said earlier, Blog is a heart of your website.

It keeps your entire website active with regular posts.


Business blogging keeps the entire site connected, updated and alive.

Agree, that writing a blog is time-consuming and requires more efforts than just writing.

But having an active blog page on your website makes the Difference.


Here showing the importance of Blogs for your business website.

Blog page helps in website ranking

A major reason to create a Blog page for your business website is to take SEO advantages.

Quality contents around a targeted keyword attracts more organic visits to your website.

When you have SEO friendly articles on your website, it reduces manual link building efforts.

Website with quality content and use of on-page elements, makes is an optimized website for search engines.


It connects the entire website

The moment you have a sufficient number of blog posts on your website, you can use it to connect other pages on sites as well.

Yep,talking about Internal linking.

Internal Linking is an on-page element you better to focus.

Also, it gives a direction to search bots (Spiders) to crawl your entire sites.

Indeed, you don’t have time to crawl a single page every time you update the content. But when you linked them internally, it’ll crawled eventually.


Blog promotes your business expertise

Blog page with educational content about your product niche serves as an information source.

When you have useful information for readers, you notice that return visits doubled on your website.

Apart from providing a useful data, you can also write blog posts to showcase your industry expertise, or to market your USPs.

Promotional blog post with live examples and case studies, does Business brochure’s job.

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Blogs are like User manual

If you are in a product industry, the Blog page serves as User manual to your customers.

Whenever users inquire about your product use, you can send them link(s) of such relevant blog posts.

How to- Blogs are on-demand solution for product users.

Even without any wait and forwarding their inquiries to customer department.


Blog, a cost-effective way of Business promotion

Your blog post is not only limited to website visitors only, it can give global exposure, too.

By sharing it on other social media platforms or doing SEO, new visitors may come to your site.

Content with useful data, make it shareable content.

When readers find that you have a worthy content, chances that they can share it to their networks. And it creates a distant Brand image.

Regular Blog benefits small business also, at large scale. 


Blogs build trusts in the Brand

Before placing an order, you have no idea that buyers had a 2-5 times visit to your website.

Not just to check out prices and features, But to understand your Brand.

You need to earn that trust so that they can make a PAYMENT and buy a product from you.

A product-specific blogs create a Brand trust with relevant information for them.

Trust can be anyway.

It can be features, prices, offers, discounts, user guides or reviews or any.


Blog helps businesses with Competitive Advantage

Surprising, but true.

A Single Blog post can give you an upper hand over your competitors.

You have to have that information available on your website.

Information that helps them to make a decision. The right choice.

Educate your customers first, conceptualize your product in their minds.

Your blogs give them a reason why to buy from you, not from competitors.

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Regular Blog improves conversion ratio

Customers always need that push to make a purchase.

No, you can’t force them with scripted follow-up lines now.

Again you need to show them proof, in the form of testimonial or user experience.

Use that within your product blog post and it will solve that, too.

Online marketing research shows that a company with an active blog posts register a better conversion rate.

Compare to those websites with no Blog page.

Because Blogs(Proofs) make them ready to take action.

Business blog turn their “Just Researching” into “Just Buying”.


Extra notes… 

Solely having a Blog page on your Business website is not enough.

It should be an active blog posting.

You need to plan and implement the regular post blogs on your website.

Only then, Blog benefits your business well. 


If you are struggling to maintain your Blogs, then we can help you with regular Blog writing on a monthly basis. 

As a full content marketing service agency, we write customized contents. A content that are well-versed with your business, and target customers. Out of the several types of content marketing we opt for the one that creates an impact and direct readers to take an action.

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