Benefits of hiring freelance content writer over full-time employees

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So you have content writing project to get done, but stuck between two options. 

Over whom to hire Freelancer content writer or Full-time writer ??

As both having own pros and cons regarding work, time, efficiency and cost.

You simply can’t make a final decision.



So here’s an article to solve that problem for you. 

Looking at the industry stats and increasing demands of this “work from home” model, freelancers are the option that most companies can benefits with. 

Here sharing published articles on freelance industry reports… 

In short, Research report showing that freelancing is high in demand right now and expected to continue in the coming years as well.

There must be some reason, why companies opt for them over the regular employees. 

Probably because they serve well.

Have a look, what are: 

Advantages of hiring freelance writers for your business…


For short term projects, it’s better to hire freelancer.

Hiring salaried employees for a temporary writing project, is not a good option.

Not for the company and for an employee, too.

But you have a freelance writer to do that job.

Say for example, you have a Brand new website and you need a website content writer.

For this one-time project, it’s better to hire freelance writer…

Simply because website content is one-time activity and needs not to change too frequently. (If it’s performing well)


Freelance content writers are investment. 

From hiring employees to manage them…there are costs at each stage.

Business needs to pay them salary, insurance, allowances, office amenities and more. 

And when you hire freelancer content writers or gigs, you pay them for their writing services.

This is kind of investment that you make for business growth.

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They are master in multiple skills.

No wonder that any freelancers having more than one professional skills. 

Due to working with multiple projects and clients, freelancers end up mastering in more skills as well.

You have no idea, But freelance content writer you hire for writing blogs and articles only, Also having good command over digital marketing strategies.

A successful freelance writer is the one who have knowledge of SEO, social media, site optimization, and digital marketing as well as sales.

Freelancers saving company time.

Freelance content writer takes a short time to accomplish their work than employees.

Because they have given a time limit.  

Salaried writers always demand time before writing…to discuss for goal(why to), plans(what to do), resources(How to), for choosing content types and forms(Which one), also need a constant direction to work further. 

Giving work to freelancers, save your all that discussion time.

As they know how to manage all such things to provide better results.

Freelance content writer understands well, which type of content will work best and how to optimize content marketing efforts.

They provide the best work, for sure.

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You pay freelancers for writing only, not for time spent.

Freelance content writer sets their service charges as per writing efforts.

They have a specific result-oriented amount, with surety to finish the work in given hours. 

In case of a fixed employee, you pay them for the time they spent in the office, irrespective of it’s working on not.

(Coffee-breaks, gossips, early leaves are all including in work hours, of course)


Freelancers respecting work assigned to them.

Any freelancers whether they are content writers or web developers having respect for the assignment you given to them.

Because they always searching for new projects and challenges. 

They work to fulfill their inner desires.

It’s their work that motivates them.

Passionate content writers with interest and unique style, will amaze you with their creative writing.

As they look for to do things uniquely.

Become a Freelancer – is their own choice, it’s their passion. 

They tend to complete your work on-time.

To get the job done in specified time limits, freelancers are at best.

Due to managing many projects a day, they become pro in work management. 

You have given them or not, but a freelance writer works with a specific time limit.

Result, you get quality content in a shorter period than the full-time writer.  


Experienced freelance writer are like consultants.

Freelancers are self-learner, they continuously learn to sharpen their skills.

They learn to acquire knowledge, to achieve goals, to work better and to serve clients best.

Every freelance writers know that…

to become good at writing,it’s a need to read more. 

When you hire freelance writer you don’t just pay them for the work…But you also pay them for their experiences and skills.

Which they have built for long.

Undoubtedly they can also guide you to make your online campaign successful. 


They are the self-motivated human being.

In a corporate company you have to schedule a training session and work motivation programs for your employees.

To create a friendly work environment and makes them feel relaxed. 

Freelancers are like free-bird.

Indeed they have a work with a deadline, but all the external factors like office-conflicts, favoring, low pay are not there to affect the performance of a freelancer. 

A reason freelancers are self-motivated because they work independently.

They will work on the odd hours and still have that fulfillment within. 

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Finishing lines: 

Looking at a carer’s perspective Freelance content writing is the best option for a newbie to start with.

More companies are hiring freelancers for their temporary and permanent project requirements.

And it is an opportunity, for a person with such marketable skills.

For start-up companies, freelancing works are always a better way to get their work completed.

Because they get quality work, in a given time and within the budget.  


Here at wordzyx, we are a team of freelance content writers with varied skill-sets and educational backgrounds. We always ready to contribute to your business success with skills, we have. 

If you are looking for content creation services, feel free to contact us. We are here to help. 

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