Content is so worthy and Here are Reasons for that…

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Content is a written document about a specific topic.

But now it’s more than just words. Content is a way of communication.

A communication to reach a specific audience and provide them fulfillment (content).

In today’s marketing, Content Writing is an approach for creating a unique, relevant piece of information that is written for a target audience to educate them, to solve their problems, to engage them with a brand and lead them to take a desirable action.

A content writer provides required content like Blogs for business, that can be used for multiple marketing campaigns.

Content may be an informative, creative, engaging, problem solving for the audience(Or potential customers). 

The role of a content writer is to build trust in the products of the company as well as in the Brand. Content does matter, for converting the audience into customers, and customers turn into Brand promoters. 

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What Content matters in Marketing

Contents are a message that addresses your Brand to the audience. Every marketing strategy whether it’s traditional or advanced, there is a need for content everywhere. 

Content is like advertising. It found and demanded to every marketing platform, have a look:  


Traditional Marketing 

The salesperson who gave you an effective sales pitch at your door this morning is the result of the content. A paper that he has practiced for the last two days. 

Company brochures, Flyers, Pamphlets, presentations and business proposals or every sales material are off-line content. 



Remember that call, you got from a telemarketer, that you were about to cut on a first thirteen second. But then end up talking with them for thirty minutes, Also make you bought the stuff they were selling. That’s the power of content. 

Direct sales call, telephonic pitch Follow-up & closing call, are Tele-contents. 


Email Marketing 

Every professional mail you send and receive, are content. Product newsletter, Inquiry mails, follow-up emails, promotional and service emails or even job applications are the content(Message) delivered through the online mailing system.


Digital marketing 

No denying that digital marketing runs heavily on contents. Whether it is on your website, on social profiles, in your advertising campaign or any online tactics you apply to bring more traffic and then to promote your brand, unique content is the priority.  


Content marketing

A form of marketing that itself includes the word “Content”. Content and digital marketing may look alike. But are not the same. 

Articles, blogs, web content, social media posts are the contents that created to reach a larger audience and to educate them, so to engage them with the brand.

Digital marketing concern for traffic, platform and reach.

Content marketing concern for audience, effectiveness and user experience.

This way…

  • Audience (concerning the right readers)
  • Effectiveness (convey message through the right medium, at the right time and in right form)
  • User Experience (content that delivers the value and provides a solution)

In this internet era, Content is the core of any digital marketing campaign. The paid or organic strategy of your online campaigns…you need a unique, optimized, message-driven: Content.

Indeed content does matter. For business, for marketing.

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Forms of the media contents

Business requires contents to educate, entertain, engage audience that available at online platforms. To stay in touch with them you need a specific message, crafted uniquely for a particular medium. There are a multiple types of contents are there to opt for.

Every platform and its audience demands that specific content. The platform-specific contents are the one that succeeds the most, like that created by considering the platform and audience’s need. 

Facebook: Entertaining, creative post, videos

Twitter: Education, Directive posts, Brand message

Instagram: Images,IG Stories,Life-Motivational, Quotes, Micro-vids

YouTube: Video contents, Informational contents, Advertising

Pinterest: Infographics, Fashion, Lifestyle

LinkedIn: Professional, Brand story

One content fits for every channel in digital marketing, not a good idea. Like marketers need to target the audience as per the business they are in. Same as content writers need to create content according to the platform.


What is Contents for Business…

We are in a highly competitive environment. Customers have many options available than before Because and so every company going digital. 

A Business needs to present own brand as separate from the crowd and to be found easily online. That’s possible with the Right content being produced with the right tone of voice, for the right audience and promoted through the right medium.

Like you facing the competition in your industry. Even Google also have a challenge about which company to include in the top search results for a particular product search query. 

As every company present their brand as “Top company…”, and “No.1 company in…:”. This makes google confused whom to show & where. 

(So..) Google keeps changing its algorithm periodically to provide genuine results that users are looking for. And make sure that the presented results are something that searchers searching.

Indeed Game of Quality…google prefers to rank those sites having high-quality content within.

Black-hat and old SEO techniques are neither effective nor acceptable and the website who rely on that are also. Because all techniques manipulate google algorithms and impact the quality of results, badly. 

Thanks to google being smart every week. (It’s said that Google keeps testing and updating its algorithm every week.) 

We are in a time where google prefers quality over quantity. It’s noted and verified that Google has a major concern for content quality. To create such quality content, there is need for keyword research. This helps to identify searcher’s intention even better.  

Quality content is…An answer to searcher’s query.  

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Role of content in Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the way that companies can expand their business & reach the targeted audience through advanced platforms.  

Especially in digital marketing,content matters a lot. Content is on every online platform. Have a look where…

  • Organic results(SEO) 
  • Website content
  • Article contents
  • Blog posts
  • Guest post articles
  • Product/service description
  • Web 2.0 or any techniques
  • Paid Ads
  • Ad copy, title, ad description
  • Ad banner to post on other sites.
  • PPC, SMM paid ads campaign
  • Social media
  • Company profile info
  • Daily post to share with your audience
  • Social media contents
  • Image, text, video
  • Content marketing
  • Press releases
  • “How to..”- type blog for your customer 
  • Informative & creative posts
  • Online advertising 
  • User guidelines & Tutorials
  • Online Sales material
  • Company product, service info
  • Company Brochures
  • Flyers, Pamphlets
  • Whitepapers
  • Case study
  • Online banners

Content rules entire Digital marketing hence, it has been said that content is king (quote by Bill gates).  Every marketing platform demands content. Business needs content to market their business while people make their decision based on the information they see, read, listen and feel. 

Company requires content for Business

Audience demands content to make a decision.

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…and what content writing matter for us.

Content writing is a creative field. Just as advertising. It’s like an ad copy being created to deliver a message, a Brand. 

With a creative mind (By Birth) and marketing passion (By experience), I decided to start living my passion through creating unique content.

Passion to implement a creative idea into action. 

A Craft (Content) that helping other businesses to grow online. A work that I never feel tired while doing.

And that’s Wordzyx is all about. 

At Wordzyx, Creativity & Passion come together with a purpose.

A purpose to deliver value, through contents.