Reasons to have Documented Content Marketing Strategy ?

documented content strategy, documented content marketing strategy

Do you know, around 60% of companies performing content marketing have no documented content strategy? (Stats are from, Content marketing institute

We hope that you are not one of them. 

Documented content strategy: CMI


So what is the importance of having a documented content strategy and why does your business need that? That’s what we’re going to discuss in this post. 

Indeed you have an expert content marketing team or specialized content marketing consultant, with industry experience and knowledge of what they are doing. But still, you need a documented content marketing strategy on paper.

Just to remind, that having a documented content strategy is a kind of Content KPIs, you can apply to look for how your content marketing works? Further sharing what does it make a difference by having a content marketing strategy in document form.

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Reasons: Why you need a Documented content strategy ?

To make content marketing, somewhat understandable

Content strategy is a complex process and involves many parameters to look for and test in between. So how can you measure each aspect of the content campaigns? Documented content strategy is an answer to your content questions. 

Not only for a big organization with multiple content campaigns, need a content marketing plan in document format. But every company, including small and startup businesses, requires content strategy in document form. That not only lets you define how your content campaigns are performing, but also to look for how your resource and budget are utilizing in the process. 


For maximizing the content marketing growth

Content marketing strategy is a link to your business goals. It’s an essential marketing tool. It lets you make a connection with your target audience and present your ideas. As this everything aims at ultimate product sales and customer retention, which means content marketing is the long-run game.

So why to rely on the content marketing plan with just ideas in mind, you need to have it in a documented form. Which makes it possible to understand how you can reach your ultimate business goals. Having documented content strategy showing where you are currently in the process and where you want to lead your business?


To have control over content marketing strategy

Content marketing is a creative subject and involves many strategies and decisions to make. As a content marketer, your job is to plan and strategize everything and watch every content aspect. Not having content strategy becomes difficult for you, as well as for your team members to figure out the performances. 

Having ideas on the paper, a content plan is visually available. Which makes sure that everything is going well as planned. For multiple content campaigns, it’s a must to have the documented content strategy, defining the content entities and their responsibilities. 


It makes internal communication possible

The process of content marketing involves multiple channel decisions and entities at different levels. Not having a content strategy in tangible formats, will be a complex process to present the actual content process. 

A documented content strategy can be shared with other team members and different internal departments. Due to that, the decision-making process becomes smooth and quick, so the content implementation becomes quick. Also though everyone can understand their own role in the process and can contribute likewise. 


For Better Resource allocation and optimization

Indeed, planning and organizing every content in detail with pen and paper can be a difficult task for you. But believe, to monitor every content campaigns in between, is not less than a puzzle. Document your content planning, make sure that every factor and essentials are included in the paper. 

Whether it’s a resource allocation or to make a slight optimization in the process you have control over everything,with the documented content strategy. That creates accountability, maximizes the results and ensures that key factors are implied correctly. 


For Project management

Content marketing the process involves the many resources to incur. You better have a plan set at the earlier phase over how many content marketing team roles your company needs, and how much-estimated budget to spend on. Whether it’s personal or financial resources, your documented content plan ensures that everything is fully optimized and allocated perfectly.

In between the project, you can fulfill resource requirements when the need arises. Also to identify, at which department, you need content resources and how to plan for that. Also, you can have a clear idea over when to hire the content marketing agency and when to hire the internal content creators. 


To define Buyers persona and strategize the contents

Just like targeting an audience, content marketing also demands to clarify which buyer’s journey they are in. You don’t only have to decide who wants your services, But also to look for what kind of information they demand first. As every buyer’s journey has unique information needs, you better to plan in advance for fulfilling that. 

Having documented content plans will identify your audience’s funnel stage. That way you can craft the personalized content strategy to meet their needs. Whether to make a strategy or to analyze the customized content, a documented plan will lead you to take corrective action, as needed.


Types of content to create

You know there are multiple types of content from which you can benefit from. Relying on one form of content is not an effective strategy indeed. Once you have the profiles of your target audience and sales funnel ready, you can personalize your content approach according to the process. The documented content strategy makes it easy for you to identify when to create informative posts and persuasive content.

No matter what type of content you produce, whether it’s blog posts, articles, ebooks, newsletters, social media or lead magnets, documenting everything at a precise stage will make everything easy for you. Of course, you need personalized content to reach that information needs, But a structured plan maximizes returns. Also mapping everything to monitor and track the actual outcomes. 


Content Testings and Analysis

The ultimate need of the document content strategy, that it makes easy for content writing and content marketing teams for plan implementation. Same as for content marketing consultants to identify the actual performance reports, and suggest the plan. Content is a long-term process and there are always so many testings and tweaks going on, but how to measure what testing drives the results? A documented strategy…is the answer. 

When performing testing with content marketing, such as A/B testing and media optimization, documented content marketing strategy reports what action you have performed and what results in it provides. Having a documented content strategy records your every content testing and provides accurate information to analyze results. 


Final notes: 

Is your business also lack a Documented content strategy? Or  Looking for some expert’s help? That’s why we are here. As a content strategy agency, we help you in crafting the right content strategy for your brand. All you need is to have quality contents that promote your business the right way and leads you to achieve your business goals better. Feel free to contact us for a quick consultation and we’ll present you with a customized plan considering your marketing needs.

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