Content Marketing Team: Key Roles for content campaigns

Content marketing team

Content marketing success is a fruit of the proper content marketing plan.

But more than that, it’s possible due to those who read their own roles and contribute, as desired.  

Talking about role a content marketing team plays.  


To create a strong content marketing team, there’s a call for the right people at the right role exerting the selected responsibilities.

Content marketing is more than just creating an image or text-based content and to hit “Publish” at the end.

There’s a demand for the content creation, idea generation, distribution, optimizing within the entire content chain. 


Goal setting is the root of content process.

Which then plants to audience targeting, Content planning, Assign team roles, executing the plan…

And finally, promotion of contents to maximize the reach.

Further that…to review final outcomes from campaigns and comparing with KPIs.

So to prepare the content marketing reports and find the actual picture.


Every level there’s a responsible team member. 

Indeed, there’s a lot of work to do. 

(Opportunity for anyone to became multi-tasker…if thinking to handle that all by own, Not a good idea perhaps!!)


So let’s find out…

Who makes Content Marketing Team and Roles in content success?


Content Strategist

Content marketing is a very strategic process. 

There has to be someone who handles the entire process and content team, take responsibility to strategize plus monitoring every activity within.

Content strategist is that one. 

They executing a key role in detailed plans for marketing and directs available resources towards the attainment of the ultimate goals. 

Content strategist collecting data from past campaigns for audit purpose…

Coordinates with other roles like SEO and social media analyst to find out the latest trends and content needs.

That helps in planning for your next content campaigns. 

Roles of content strategist…. 

Content strategy designing

Goal-oriented planning

Formation of a content calendar

Resource management

Audience targeting

Data analysis & Reporting

Optimizing the strategies

Campaign adjustments


Content Creator

Content creator is the name behind actual content creation. 

Whether it’s a Blog, article, social media post or infographic or any types of content

They may be an in-house employee or freelancer writer or content agency’s marketing team supplying the contents to the businesses. 

They always demand direction and plan from the content strategist over what to write next. 

Content writer may be specialized in one form of Content writing or the one who versed with multi-types of contents and industry expertise. 

Roles of content creator… 

Focus to create the contents

Customized content creation

Content curation

Outlining contents

Assisting the graphic designers in relevant image creation

Formatting and content Designs


Graphic Designer

Whether it’s to make a Blog cover image, logo design or infographics…graphic designers doing graphics to deliver brand messages.  

Their role in content marketing team is to outfit creative designs that match the contents.

Graphic designers are a technical position involves design tools usage for eye-catching design without sacrificing the message quality. 

Designers coordinates with other content marketing member to create graphics adding a pleasant look and appeal the mass. 

From business brochures to social media posts, Blog cover images to logo customization,Role of graphic designer involves heavy design work.

Roles of Graphic Designer…

Supplying content images

Blog cover image

Customize logo design for posts

Image sourcing and applications

Business brochures, flyers, etc.

Social media post theme designs

Profile cover image and posts


Content Editor

Once the final draft is created and waiting to publish…

Content editor performs the security check before.

Role of content editors is to check moreover proofread the prepared contents and elements within. 

They are the Quality-assurance in the content process.

Their work involves spelling-grammar checks, formatting and finalizing the draft. 

Content editors ensure that content is according to the campaign need. 

Also, suggest content team for an innovative idea that scores more value to content.

Roles of content editor…


Checking spells-grammar usage

Content formatting

Suggestions and optimization

Finalizing the contents


Content Marketing Manager

Once the contents are reviewed and finalized.

It’s time for marketing it to a set platform, so that it touches the target audience. 

Content marketing manager supervises distribution of the content, that can be done by own team or via SEO specialist and social media specialist. 

Content distribution  includes new media approach or profile creation, paid promotion, social media and content outreach. 

The role of content marketing manager demands the expertise of SEO, blogging, email approach, social media, and campaign optimization.

Roles of content marketing manager…

Content distribution internally

Advising content promotion process

Content promotion planning

Guidance and supporting to immediate team

Campaign planning and optimization


SEO Specialist

When the content is to obtain the SEO advantages, the role of seo-specialist come into play. 

They are, who informs content specialist and suggest for new content need or to optimization in the current one. 

SEO specialist provides guidance in SEO articles or company blogs or website contents, after finding new keyword opportunities. 

They are actively working with the seo data and assist content strategists.

Also to other content team players for site performance and content management plus campaign outcomes. 

Roles of Content strategist…

Website content optimization

Keyword research and opportunities finding

Website suggestion and formatting

On-page elements and image optimization

SEO campaign creation and suggestions


Social Media Specialist 

As SEO specialist is responsible for organic campaign optimization and management, social media specialists supervise social media efforts.

The role of social media specialists is towards choosing the appropriate media form and create a content plan for social media.

Plus keeping eyes on the social media trends and current campaign execution.

Managing social media pages, profiles and networking to target audience fall-under the role of social media specialist. 

Along with it they work the Social media ads campaigns through audience targeting,ad-formats, campaign creation, reporting and management. 

The social strategist explains which social media will be most profitable for their business. 

Planning to create content likewise, also monitor the complete process. 

Roles of Social media strategist…

Social media profile management

Social media postings

Plan creation-campaign optimization

Ad campaigns and reporting

Social media networking


Content Analyst

Once the contents are live and start getting impressions and so traffic.

Now it’s time for someone to track performance insights and assemble the actual data. 

Content analysts do the same. 

They are highly qualified and skilled in content management, optimization, SEO trends, social media plus marketing insights and more.

Their position means the work of campaign performance tracking, website ranking or ad position checking, or further recognize the industry trends and audience reports. 

Ultimate they create a base for future content marketing strategies, by consecutive monitoring content performances.  

Roles of Content Analyst…

Content management

Monitoring and report creation

Guidance and support to other channels

Content resource allocation

Eyes on entire content chain

Strategy-preparation and execution


Closing content…

The provided content marketing team roles may have in some organization, while some limits them to three or two. 

Having as many roles are not the key. 

Thing that matters is who understand own role and how much effort they put to justify as a team player. 

For better management and work quality the delegation to a specialized one, is a must. 

If it’s been tough to hire and manage the content marketing team for you also, then you can simply partnering with a content marketing agency who taking care of content management on behalf of you. 

Are you having the same issue, then feel free to contact us. We are ready to help you with our specialized content team. We are a team of content creators and marketing professionals on a mission to help other businesses with skills, we master.