Marketing Statistics 2021: Have a look at some stats from Digital, Content and Social Media Marketing

Online Marketing Statistics 2020

If you are looking for some insightful online marketing statistics, for planning your next campaign or If you are about to take the first step towards digital marketing but waiting for some data motivations, then this article is for you.

Understanding your information needs of marketing stats, here we are sharing the top online marketing statistics 2020, from the valid resources online. All such data are from the trustworthy website and brands that most marketers are following, to get inspiration and stay updated with the latest trends.

We are going to discuss the online marketing stats in three categories among digital marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing. So, you can figure out each platform uniquely. Also, we hope this data answers you to take the right decision regarding which one to focus on?


Digital Marketing Statistics 2020

Indeed, digital marketing is not only limited to website optimization and using the internet to bring the audience on offer page only. But it’s also important to promote the brand and acquire new connections on regular basis. Sharing the combined digital marketing stats, that you need to know as a digital marketer.  That helps to understand the digital marketing scope and reason to start using it.

  1. Around 4.5 billion people are the active internet users as per the latest report of Statista
  2. China, India, and the USA are the Top 3 countries with the highest number of internet users
  3. Search engines are still the number one traffic source for most the websites
  4. Per the second 63,000 searches happen on Google, every single day.
  5. 5 billion Youtube videos are watched every single day
  6. Talking about organic results CTR, first five results brings 67.60% clicks
  7. Around 72% searchers prefer the results from the first page, rather going to the next page they also prefer to search again with a new phrase
  8. Approximately, google following your website with 200 factors to rank on given terms
  9. Quality content and Quality links, are the two main factors for ranking,says Search Engine Watch
  10. 90.63% of all posts never get the organic traffic, that also due to not having backlinks
  11. Backlink is still the number one factor to rank any posts
  12. Long term keywords registering the highest CTR (3 to 5%) than the generic terms
  13. 83% US shoppers admit that they’ve searched online, before buying anything from the store.
  14. Email marketing has generated 174%  more conversion, than social media
  15. Around 25% of the internet users have AdBlock installed in their device
  16. 90% of PPC ads are ignored by the searches, The average CTR of such ads is 3.17%

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Content Marketing Statistics 2020

 Content marketing is one of the widely used marketing approaches. It’s been noted that content marketing and SEO, the combined marketing approach is best at making big at achieving business goals. Sharing the reasons why it’s the best time to use content marketing and the benefits that shouldn’t be ignored.

  1. B2B businesses prefer content marketing for promoting their brand online and to improve brand loyalty
  2. Accordingly to expert marketers, content with 1000 to 1500 words perform better at SEO
  3. Content marketing helps to cut down cost to 62% and generates three times more leads, than traditional marketing form
  4. 94%, B2B marketers prefer to use LinkedIn as part of their content marketing strategies, over twitter, Facebook, youtube, and other medias.
  5. Out of all B2B companies following content marketing, 69% of them have documented content strategies
  6. Small businesses with active blogging, generate 126% more leads
  7. More than half (53%) of companies hiring freelancers for content creation
  8. 2 million blogs posts are published every single day, says MarketingProfs
  9. 87% business accepting that, Video is the next best thing for marketing campaigns
  10. B2B (91%) and B2C (86%) marketers, agree to be consistent with content marketing
  11. 34% of consumers prefer to buy after seeing the personalized content.
  12. For 85% B2B Marketers, lead generation is the main reason to follow content marketing.
  13. Approx time to write a 1000 word blog post is around 3 to 4 hours.
  14. 80% of content marketing focusing on Gated contents
  15. The average conversion rate for a landing page is, 2.35%
  16. 63% Content marketers focusing on buyers persona before creating marketing pieces.

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Social Media Marketing Statistics 2020

Apart from the entertainment purpose, no brand can bear to ignore the power of social media with its massive audience interactions. Focusing on brand awareness and possible direct interaction, social media has to be in your next marketing planning, and such social media stats are enough to prove that.

  1. Half of the world populations are on any kind of Top social media platforms
  2. Among all internet users, around 84% of them using Social media
  3. 2 hours and 24 minutes, is the time that average social media user spent on the platform
  4. 43% of social media usage is for Professional work purpose
  5. Social media ad budget about to increase up to 20% in 2020
  6. Around 80 million small businesses are using facebook’s free tool for their business
  7. Generating ROI is the major challenges for most social media marketers
  8. Facebook advertising being used the most, by 93% of social media promoters
  9. The average conversion rate of social media traffic is, 0.71%
  10. (71%) Satisfied customers with positive brand experience, prefer to recommend their connections.
  11. Focusing on professional networking solely, LinkedIn registers 277% more effective way of generating leads, even than Facebook.
  12. 630 million users are on LinkedIn for professional purposes.
  13. After Google, Youtube is the 2nd best largest search engine with video-form contents
  14. 26% of users who clicked on social media ads, end up making a purchase.
  15. Comparing as referral traffic, Pinterest send (33%) more traffic to shopping sites than Facebook
  16. Wednesday is the best day to post on social media, and Sunday is the worst.

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Online marketing statistics are the best way to understand and analyze the online program, plus to have an insight into the current trends. Working with such data provides a base to the businesses as well as online marketers over how to plan their next campaign. If you are also planning to start this advanced marketing approach as the better option to traditional marketing, then this is the right time to start.

Measurable data is the first and foremost important factor in promoting the business using digital media. Data stats and information, is everything when it comes to planning new products or understanding the current market needs.

We hope that given online stats from valid resources help you to get required insights into Digital marketing, and assist you to make a further move. Also remember that, as far as you keep updated ownself with the latest data and audience’s new approach, the marketing campaign is more likely to stay positive for you.