SEO vs Social Media: What’s matter for Business ?

SEO vs Social media

SEO vs Social media. 

Confused over which one to focus for your Business?

Then you are at the right place, that’s what we are going to discuss in this post. Informing how SEO and social media can impact your marketing efforts separately.

Search engine optimization and Social media, both are highly effective content marketing strategies, also for small to large-sized companies. All that requires, is to invest the content efforts with the right marketing approaches. 

And that’s creating confusion for most companies as well as the content consultants over which one to follow and at what extent.  But before checking the difference between SEO vs social media let’s understand both as separately. 

What is SEO:

SEO is about optimizing the entire website and particular web page in order to acquire more visibility and interaction from the searcher seeking the right information, at Search engine.

What is Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing refers to creating a solid social media presence through regular content delivery and promoting the brand with possible audience interactions.


SEO vs Social Media: What’s the Difference?

As two separate platforms Social media and SEO, have their own algorithm, that marketers need to follow while planning and implementation. In order to get more out of each strategic decision, consistent efforts pus staying updated with the current trends are required things. Further sharing the difference between both using common marketing aspects.


Content is the primary need of any online marketing you follow. Similarly for SEO and social media. After all, content is the tools-a medium to connect with the targeted audience. 

SEO Content

SEO content is written in such a manner that it is optimized for the target audience’s informational needs. Every search is actually a question that a person ask at search-engine. Businesses and content marketer, look for such questions routinely asked by the audience and write the content on site.

Further, you have to focus on their question (Keyword) first to understand their intent. Based on the particular keyword, there’s a need to create the content likewise.

Social Media Posts

The purpose of creating social media content is to build possible interactions. That makes connections possible with the brand instantly. Most social media content strategies have a common goal of brand awareness. People on social media have an entertaining interest and minor information purposes. So your content needs to be creative and engaging, that they like to interact with. 

The major difference between SEO vs social media from content’s aspect is, in SEO you first look for what searches are happening and create the content accordingly. On the other side, social media content is created with the assumption that the created post will engage the audience.

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Audience Intent

As there are various types of content there, you also look for the audience who will consume your content. SEO content needs to be informative plus transactional, whereas social media content requires to be an entertaining and interactive one. 

Searcher’s Mindsets

People who search for information on search engines have a clear goal to learn something and understand the topic. To figure out the audience’s actual intent, SEO is the best option compared to social media.

As you can find what funnel stage they are in, based on the information and content they are looking for. Using some keyword research tools, you can identify the audience’s needs and create the content likewise. 

Interest at Social media

Undoubtedly, social media is highly interactive than the SEO, provides quick results. Where you can directly reach your target audience and ask about their needs. Social media ads are the best way to identify who actively having an interest in your offers.

Targeting the custom audience with purchase intent you can place your message in front of your prospects. But at large scale, the audience at social media may not have an active interest in buying something.

Comparing social media with SEO strategies, you have to understand who will be your target audience. As both platforms provide a better medium to reach your audience in a cost-effective way. Sometimes you have to perform push marketing to reach the audience on social media, whereas SEO involves push and pull marketing combining.

Every visit on your site, need or need not to convince for making a purchase. Because every visit has some intent that brings them on your site.

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Strategy implementation

SEO and social media both are long term games and require consistent efforts in the right direction. But there is a slight difference between their planning and execution to meet ultimate marketing goals. 

Long term Authority

Most companies prefer to follow SEO strategies, knowing that it’s a long-run game. That won’t show the impact at the same time of implementation only. But will gradually increase and generating business for a long term future.

So every SEO strategist has to think advance and look for the futuristic marketing returns. To acquire the every SEO advantage, Brand has to build an online authority likewise and shows the search engine it’s relevance through the quality content. 

Short term Profits at large scale

When it comes to social media, it is a highly active and instant marketing platform. Where you can get to see you post reach and stats on the go, as you post. You don’t have to wait for days, or even months to check engagement on your single post. But social media content will fade, over new contents creation and probably can’t ever be found again in the future.

Indeed, the social media posts got hype in the quick, but are temporary which lasts only a few hours and days. You can share your old post again, but it has its own limitations to being found on social media.  Because social media content is for one-time only.

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Marketing Purpose

As said earlier, SEO and social media are two important pillars of digital marketing. No business can forget its impact on their marketing campaigns. But every company has its own mindset and mechanism to follow for own purpose. As each one has its own audience, algorithm, and strategies to follow, Business needs to look at which fits their industry and services.

Especially when your intent is to promote your brand to reach its full potential, then social media is the best at first place. Because with social media you can get that hype on the go and make your message reach the mass audience.

And when your goal is to build long term online authority and make more out of your website, then SEO is the better option. Why because… that’s the way to promote your brand to audiences who actually go online to buy something. 


Final thoughts

Don’t forget that people will eventually search for the information on search engines first. While social media lets you promote your business right away, it can be your perfect Branding strategy. 

In simple terms, if you want to differentiate SEO and social media as marketing tools. The major difference is SEO is pull-strategy, which helps you reach the target audience in an actual service needs. Whereas social media, you generate interest and make them buy from you. 

SEO and social media are the need for modern marketing and no company can leave one to focus on another. Both combining, ultimately supports the business grow online. Small business or large-sized company, SEO and social media -the combination is a better way to build an online reputation and generate a profitable ROI for the long term.

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