Digital marketing or Content marketing or Social media marketing ??

Digital marketing or Content marketing or Social media marketing ???, Choosing marketing strategies

As the level of competition increases, marketing innovations also taking place.

Most companies begin applying online marketing in their businesses to reach the target audience and Develop own brands. 

Online marketing is a broad subject and offers many imperative ways to choose from.


There’re several notions and confusions over which type of marketing to practice in the business, and which form suits one industry.

Marketing is a necessity for every business also it’s up to business which forms seem more profitable to them…

Whether it’s a Digital marketing or Content marketing or Marketing through Social media. 


So here discussing the factors like objective, elements, resources and content types for each marketing mode. Now let’s,

Understand concepts of Digital Marketing, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing

in an easy term.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a process of managing digital platforms and techniques or tricks to attain marketing goals. 

Business handling digital platforms such as search engines, paid ads, social media, websites to find and equate with the target audience who can be their product Buyers or Brand promoters. 

Digital marketing is a collection of many activities, that are like an entire package of online marketing. 

Objectives: What Digital Marketing helps you achieve?

The foremost role of digital marketing is to managing business profiles and promoting them online. 

Every digital marketing campaign pointed towards online brand building, which involves organic and paid marketing that target the prospects. 

Along with making a solid brand image, campaigns also run due to increasing leads for business and so for product-service offerings. 

Digital marketing improves website visibility and searchability by linking various online optimization techniques.

Elements: What makes Digital marketing ? 

Digital marketing concerns Search Engine Optimization, to increase company website’s organic rankings. 

By PPC Advertising, businesses operate paid campaigns to grab target audience attention also to retain past visitors. 

Social media is also a Digital media, used by the companies to actively promote business via direct interaction. 

Not only for SEO advantages but for good user experiences…your website lacks to be optimized in  Design, setups with actionable content. 

Google analytics and webmaster data reporting a marketing team over how their campaigns are performing and what needs to be resolved.  

Content Types: How to do Digital Marketing?

Resources: Required things for Digital Marketing 

  • Business website
  • Online research tools and softwares
  • Digital marketing team
  • Content providers
  • Analytical tools

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing strategy to plan structured content for target audience over time, encouraging them with information which leads them to take some action. 

Content marketing grab the audience’s attention.

Businesses prefer to employ content marketing to educate, inform, convince the prospects with contents and convert them into a purchaser. 

Objectives: What Content marketing helps you achieve?

Content marketing intends to conceive product demands. 

The more quality information your content has, the easier for readers to solve the problem. 

Content marketing benefits businesses in lead generation and lead nurturing. 

As content being written for a target audience, it seize their attention and building an email list for future conversion. 

Continuous content delivery, creating a business’s authority in the industry niche.

Like a marketing tool, content promoting business and create brand awareness.

Action-driven content directs readers over to take beneficial action.

Elements: What makes Content Marketing ? 

Every content you written must have some purpose, a goal.

Having a defined audience is also a parameter of successful content. Through content it’s not information only, you provide the solutions. 

Most companies using the content to deliver their brand message, a story-telling that may relate to the audience. Contents and copies are serving the marketing plus branding purpose separately.

No matter which kind of marketing or campaign you follow, But make sure that you customize the content as per the need.

Content Types: How to do Content Marketing?

  • Blogs and website articles
  • Copywriting
  • Infographics
  • Landing pages
  • Ad copies and Banners
  • Newsletters, Brochures

Resources: Required things for Content Marketing

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Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is a platform-audience oriented marketing form. 

For business social media…is used to reach target audience and prospects interaction. 

As social media already having a large audience size, the marketing team simply needs to get the right content in hand to share and to grab the mass attention. 

According to business type, brands opt for the social media platform having their relevant groups as audience market.  

Objectives: What Social Media Marketing helps you achieve?

Social media are majorly applied for Brand awareness. 

Create a Brand buzz and start conversation, social media are best at it.

Also side-by-side it’s used for making connections with customers to get their feedback. 

Direct interaction with a live audience, helps business in-service support plus getting market insights. 

An active presence on social media boost business visibility to that platform also at the search results. 

Social media Ads are an effective way of influencing prospects who have an interest in your products. 

Elements: What makes Social Media Marketing ? 

Success of social media depends on the marketing strategy you follow. 

Choose the social media platform that your business suits and create Brand over it. 

Social media also demands the well-defined campaign goals.

An active presence on social media ensures the results, you need to be consistent and interactive.

Paying for social media ads are the marketing costs which promotes your business to selected communities only, without spending for mass. 

Running paid campaigns result in the market analysis…especially for new business. 

To gain social media advantages, you better to understand what are in-trends and be ready to optimize your campaigns likewise.

Content Types: How to do Social Media Marketing ?

  • Engaging-entertaining posts
  • 140 words, polls, captions 
  • Short vids, GIFs
  • Inspirational Posts
  • Business posts
  • Industry trends

Resources: Required things for Social Media Marketing

  • Social media profiles and pages
  • Customized social media contents
  • Social media team
  • Social media calendar
  • Ad copies and properties to use
  • Social media reporting tools

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Closing contents: 

Digital marketing, content marketing, or social media marketing…every strategy have its own way and efforts to attain purposes. 

But the Content is an essential element, common in every marketing campaign.

Content is a marketing tool, you should focus first, for Brand promotion. 

To stay connected with your audience, to educate them with the right solution or to assist them in decision-making…you require Quality content at every marketing stage. 

Better marketing approach is to add a customized content process in your strategy, which takes some effort and time…Which makes the estimated results achievable.  


If you are confused over which form to choose and where to start, then we can help you in the process. As a Content marketing consultant, we are going to analyze your website, Business type first…which leads us to create customized content Solutions that fit to your business.