What is Local SEO? And why it is important for your Local Business?

What is Local SEO, Importance of local seo, small business

The Local SEO concept is for every small business owner who wants to reach their local audience using search engines such as Google. If you also want to know what is local seo in simple mean,and how it can help your local business then this article is for you.

As a modern marketer, you very well know that digital marketing concepts let you reach the global marketplace. But in between probably you forget the important concept of the local markets, so the Local SEO.

Indeed, using online marketing you can reach any global market and target a wide audience that can benefit from your business. But as a local business,you shouldn’t ignore the available audience around, who are most likely to convert into actual buyers the most. So let’s first understand what is local seo and it’s important for your business.


What is Local SEO?

As the name suggests, Local seo is focusing on the SEO practices to improve the business visibility to the targeted local area. Similarly, organic SEO lets you target the global as a whole, local seo is targeted and mainly focuses on local area and its audience’s need only.

Here every SEO technique and strategy are directed towards achieving the local online visibility and being ranked at local search queries. Most probably those ones with location mention in the keyphrase.


Why is Local SEO important for your business? 

Especially for the small businesses and brick-and-mortar stores, providing the services to the surrounding areas, local SEO becomes a must thing to focus on.

Such marketing stats from Google search is enough to understand the power of local seo:

  • Around 46% of all searches are for local information
  • 18% of searches from smartphones convert into actual purchase locally
  • Computer (72%) and smartphones(67%)  users wants localized ads
  • Every 4 in 5 searches, are to find local information

Even further, many other online searches found out that leads from the local searches are more qualified and display overall a good conversion ratio. Most importantly, such querries are from the peoples who have searched for product and services information online, inside having a desire to contact the nearest store and businesses.

Online Local Visibility

Local seo improves your business online visibility for local searches. Local seo increases your small business’s online impressions and ranks your website on the geographical-searches. In the rise of the mobile era, most searches are for information relating to local areas only.

Targeting the right keyword and ranking on the same will ultimately improve your ranking on targeted local queries. That way you can target your local market and reach the regional audience who wants your services.


Localized Contents

Using localized content marketing, as part of local SEO you can provide the information, suggestions, or direction to potential customers for decision-making and product buying, which they are searching for. That way you can reach them at the time when they need your guidance.

Don’t ignore the benefits of small business blogging. If you want to reach your local audience the better way, then creating the blogs and posting on site regularly helps there. Not only, that will provide the information but also promote your brand as well.

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Be found on Local Searches

As you know that most service searches are done with the expectation of local business only. Then you better to stay present for the searches that are being done for your services. That way you can reach the target audience who are actively searching for some services that you are providing.

If you don’t want to invest in a website that’s perfectly fine, local SEO helps you to be found in your local area still, using your online business listing in Google My Business. Make sure to use google my business profile and other local directories for that. Registering on local directories and classified, brings you qualified leads and converting interaction through call or even store visits afterward.


High Converting Leads

According to Google stats, it’s found that the majority of the people searching for local services end up calling the business or purchasing the products from the nearest stores. Why, because people find the services locally, have the highest interest and desire to buy something at a moment. Your funnel based contents help them to make a decision as quickly as possible.

If you are having a website and that’s optimized for local searches, then chances are high that you will get more store visits and inquiries. Most people prefer to search online, to find the companies (options), compare the offers, and then visit the store to buy something. That shows that using local SEO, a business can acquire higher qualified leads than any other online plus traditional platform.

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Brand Authoritativeness

Possible that your local store or business is well-known to only regular customers and smaller audiences only. Or else most businesses you are getting from the references. At the time, when you want to expand your business reach and promote your services. Local SEO can improve your chance of getting found by the targeted audiences and qualified prospects.

Indeed, using content optimization and local SEO content, you can reach a newer audience. That helps you to go beyond the local audience and improves your business as a Brand. Local seo helps you improve your local brand authority and get your company name out there.


Provide Better ROI on Your Online Marketing investment

Compared with traditional marketing, digital marketing providing a far better ROI in the form of qualified leads, handful data and audience insights. And even further, that supports your local business with more market opportunities as well. Instead of wasting money and time on local newspapers and pamphlets, it’s better to perform local SEO marketing.

As that is highly measurable and also comparative enough to provide the right data that helps you make any important decision. Also, local seo is cost-effective enough comparing with traditional approaches. Here time is real money and the right content strategies are the investment.

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Personalized Search Intent

Google searches evolved over time and now it reflects the search results based on personal interest and past online behavior. And local seo is the best example of personalized searches. The searches with “near me” present the information they are actively looking for.

At the time when someone is searching for any restaurant and hotels to dineout. Your listing of restaurant business most likely show up when they are in your radius area. That is the power of local seo, it helps businesses and searchers to connect with personalized results. Using personalized content you are most likely to contact your target local audience.


Local SEO is Targeted Marketing

When searches have happened with the Place and city name in queries, it shows their clear intent behind it. Most searches with location mention are from the highly interested audience, who are about to buy something. That means, targeting such related keywords, a business can acquire the prospects of the business and render the services they want.

Prospects who want to buy something, know what they want but don’t know where. In that case, they can reach your business using local searches and then contents. When your content and service page ranking on the targeted search terms. For that make sure to follow target content marketing that helps you to reach prospects, using right contents.

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Close notes: 

So…now you understand what local seo is and its value for your business. If you are a small business and want to reach your local customers using digital marketing. Then local seo should be your next plan. Don’t hold yourself back by thinking that SEO is for the large organizations only, and content creation is for larger audiences only.

Not all searches and services aim at the global audience. If you are following the SEO right way, it can deliver its fruits for your small and startup business as well. And more than that, having a local store is your advantage. So, Why not grab such important opportunities?

Local is seo is especially for the local businesses which are operating and serving the local area audience. Following SEO with content strategies, local SEO allows you to reach your target audience who are actually having an interest in your services.

Ready to start with the Local SEO? We can help, as a content strategy agency, we are here to help you with customized Local SEO content strategies for your local business. Feel free to contact us, we are here to help.