What is Guest posting? And How it is important for your Business?

guest posting or guest blogging

What is Guest posting?

In a simple mean, Guest posting or Guest blogging means writing content for the other website, in exchange for the link to own website or to express information contributions to the online communities of the same industry.

The need for writing a guest post becomes essential when you want to promote your website on the other platform as well. Apart from getting authoritative links, guest posting helps business to get promotions on the relevant site. 

Writing and Posting the guest post, helps both ways to writers as well as the publishers. Of course, the writer gets their own content published on an authoritative site and acquire a link juice from a high authority site. Whereas, the publisher gets the qualitative content for their website. So, it’s a win-win approach to content marketing and SEO for publishers and contributors. 


How Guest Posting helps your Business in Digital Marketing?

Don’t take guest posting as regular SEO tactics, to submit the guest post to earn a link only. If done right, guest posting can benefits your business a lot, especially in terms of content marketing’s perspective. So what are the top benefits of the guest posting and why your business needs to follow in your content strategies, have a read further. 

It helps you acquire Industry Authority

Talking about the new domain website and niche website, such sites need to prove its importance and subject category with relevant content on own website plus from similar sites to industry. Writing guest blog article and posting on industry high authority sites, passes the domain authority and relevancy. 

As key ranking factors, domain authority also has to be any blogger and content strategist’s first goal. So reach out to the websites that relative to your industry and acquire the quality mentions that build your industry authority by the time.

SEO Advantages

Guest posting is a proven way of most SEOs and online markers, to earn a qualitative backlink in exchange for the quality content. Similarly, your website needs optimized posts and pages, there is a need for the backlinks from relevant sources. And guest posting is a legit way to do so. 

Getting mention from the relevant website, ultimately prove your website worthiness in google’s ranking pattern. In order to perform well on the search engine, you better have a link from the relevant site as well. But don’t just focus to attain links only, your brand name mention also important to create your online brand authority.


To Prove own Writing Skills and To Develop writers’ Portfolio

With the guest post writing, companies and solopreneurs reach out to the top sites and publish their contents on reputed platforms. So that it gets the brand name out there. That also applies to new writers and freelancers, too. Writing for such high authority sites, ultimately helps beginner writers to challenge themself for better writing and to improve their writing skills. 

Similarly, freelancers can use that posted articles as their portfolio to include while approaching the clients. Such a contribution on the top sites ultimately helps companies to gauge writer’s skills and an example to refer before finalizing the contract. Not only to B2B content marketing only, but guest posting or guest blogging also promoting the personal brand as well.


Branding Purpose

With that means, we don’t want to write the guest post for promoting your services on competitors’ sites, who accepting the guest posts. Guest postings are never to directly sell something or promoting a product, but it’s a contribution post that you share with another website. The guest post has to be informative and educate the audience. But still, it serves your content marketing purposes.

Writing the guest post article and posting on other sites, ultimately promotes your brand mention on such sites. By consuming your guest post, the readers engage with your brand and the website you linked to. Ultimately, it helps you generate brand awareness by the time. 


More Traffic on your Business website

Your approach to publishing the content on the authority site, helps to get more traffic on site. Don’t think about the link only, approach the website who also have significant traffic as well. Writing for such a website, give you traction on your site and even more relevant traffic on site. 

As you have written the post on other online platforms discussing the issues, that most people relate to, then readers are more likely to visit your website. Traffic from a relevant source brings the right audience on-site, which leads to website conversion and qualified leads.


Things to consider while Writing Guest Post Articles: 

Ready to start with the Guest posting? Make sure you follow the right approach in order to find the website and writing the guest post article for them. Here are some quick tips to consider while finding the Guest posting or Guest Blogging sites. 

  • First, have your content planning ready. Indeed, just like regular blogging on your website, you have to have a calendar to write the content on other sites as well. 
  • Reach out to the sites, that are relevant to your industry niche. Mean, if your website is regarding website developments and all, then prefer to reach the relevant sites that accepting the post in a similar subject. Don’t reach out to the food blog for the same purpose. That’s completely off-topic, and not benefits you anyway.
  • The purpose of a guest posting is to provide information like an educational blog. Don’t ever try to sell directly from your post. A website accepting guest posts, also review your post to ensure that the post is informative enough for their audience. 
  • Have your focus on audience and platform first, while writing a guest blog. Make sure your blog is relevant to such a website audience and of course, qualitative enough. 
  • Don’t forget to optimize your blog for the SEO, means keep your blog ready to post. Such posts which are optimized with internal links and heading tags make it easy for a website to promote straightway, after reviewing. 
  • Be ready with your clear author bio. Not every website you ask for a guest post will provide the link in the content itself. Some of them provide the link in your author bio, so have a clear and concise author bio that presents you and your brand well. 

Such notes are worth looking for before you ask for guest posting and Blogging contributions. After all, your right approach to the website owners lead to the long term industry connection along with regular guest posting opportunity.

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Final notes: 

Website promotion or SEO advantages, whatever your goal may be, but guest posting has to be part of your content marketing strategies. After all, it not only limited to get the link in the content only. It goes beyond that all SEO tactics, have a focus on generating long-lasting marketing benefits so prefer the right way.

Also, it takes time to find the relevant sites of your use, also to approach and then writing the quality content. But the benefits from guest posting should not be ignored if you want to make more out of your website investments.

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