Content Optimization: Writing for Readers vs Writing for Robots

What is Content Optimization

What is Content Optimization?

Content optimization is a technical process to ensure that written content is in better form to serve its purpose well. And what is the purpose? It relates to perform well on selected-platform and meet the audience’s interest. Talking about content optimization for SEO, is to make sure that content is well versed with the search guidelines. A process to write the SEO article and optimize that enough to rank well on the search engine. So that it also serves the marketing purpose later on.

Content optimization can be performed in two aspects, from the Reader’s viewpoint, and for the Robot’s crawling purpose. Indeed you are writing the content for the living persons. But you need to consider both areas in order to reach your content to the right audience.

One content optimization aspect follows writing content that relates and engages with the audience first. And that’s the essential approach for any content creation, that every company needs to follow. Whereas the other form of content optimization is platform-centric. Like SEO contents that are writing with aims to make positive impressions on the search engines.

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Purpose of Content Optimization

Solely create the content and expecting that it will generate the desired results is not possible. As a content marketer, you need to take extra concern over that content of enough quality. Moreover, that is optimizing enough for whatever platform, such contents will be shared and posted on.

The role of optimizing content is to make the content compatible enough for the audience and the platform to make its maximum impact. Without optimization, any content failed to reach its audience also driving them to take action on the available contents.

  • If you are creating the content for the search engine, then your content has to be optimized enough for better ranking. For that, your content has to be written in a way that is acceptable by the search guidelines. So make sure your content and web page content are optimized for SEO.
  • If your content is for the social media post, then make sure that your content is engaging enough for the social media audience’s interest and platform needs. Look for the intent of having the audience at the social media and optimize the content likewise.

Content writing and promoting is not enough. Optimization of the content applies to all content that you create as part of digital marketing campaigns. It’s become essential to optimize it for the audience, for readers, for potential customers. No matter how hard you try on optimizing content for SEO and social media. But if your content is not considering the reader’s view, then that’ll fail.

To optimize the content for the audience means to write the engaging content that conveys the right message to the right audience. Also, you better create personalized content that targets the individual audience’s needs.

So let’s further discuss the content optimization in both the aspect in detail:

Content Optimization for SEO

When your purpose is to get positioning as an industry leader’s in your niche, then SEO should be your top priority. Indeed, there are other online platforms to look for and promote the contents. But SEO is not only a different but most important part of digital marketing.

First and foremost important reason why to opt for SEO over social media, due to its marketing approach and audience’ interactions. Getting a website ranking on google for targeted keywords and attracting the traffic (relevant one) is far better than just promoting your advertising on every other platform.

Indeed, every online platform has its own aspects and importance regarding business advantages. But with content optimization for SEO, you can get the attention of the audience who actually have an interest in your services. SEO offers you to be present at the right time when someone is looking for the services you are providing and information that your business blogs discussing over.

So better to have content optimization for SEO. That also because…the benefits of organic traffic have a long-lasting positive impact compared to social media. If your content is quality and relevant enough then it serves the core purpose for many years. Unlike a social media post,SEO traffic is free, where all cost is to have the right content strategy that followed by consistency.

Many articles discussing the online marketing strategies, explains that traffic from organic sources is far better than other paid as well as free alternatives. Indeed, organic traffic from SEO benefits in major ways, and help organizations to get closure to their business plus branding goals.

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Content Optimization for Readers

Following the search engine or social media as part of your marketing campaigns, is completely up to you. So does the choice to content optimization for SEO. But if you are following the content calendar and providing the content on social media as well along with SEO, then you should consider optimizing content for readers first.

Every content marketing ultimately aims to reach the target audience and present the message in an appropriate form, in a more engaging way as possible. Content optimization for audience relates to making sure that your content is something that is what your audience is looking for. Also, what engages the audience who first time interacts with it, the funnel based contents are the reason for that.

When you optimize the content for SEO, you consider the one platform and try to acquire more impressions, so more click on particular keywords. That leads you to a lot of traffic and website interaction consistency. And that’s Only if your approach is right and your content is quality. So the next question arises is, how can we make sure that created content is with enough quality? And the answer is to optimize it for the audience as well.

Optimizing the content for the audience means you write the content for the audience first, rather than to show up on top of any platform. The content optimized for an audience also means writing for readers. That are somethings making the content marketing efforts worthwhile. Such content is also one of the successful content that most companies actually need.

With that means, you need to create the targeted content that aiming to a particular target audience and their needs. No matter how much you optimize your blogs for SEO, but if you are not delivering the value from the post, then the audience will bounce off too quickly. That leads to a high bounce rate on-site and results in losing rankings. That you have achieved using content optimization for SEO only. So make sure that your content is enough quality plus, written for live audience only.

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Final thoughts: 

Content marketing is a need of modern marketing. And not a single company having a website and online presence can ignore the content’s roles. Indeed, in digital marketing, content is way more than just a communication tool to reach the target audience. As every content serves the unique purpose and marketing plus branding approach. Similarly, every content serving the same purpose, so better to optimize that according to platform, audience and purpose.

To make more out of your Content marketing and SEO efforts, you better have planned strategies for writing, optimizing, and promoting the content. Just content optimization for SEO is not enough to generate the right impact. You need to have the content optimized for the audience’s interest as well. Only then, you can say that your content marketing is in the right direction.

Facing any issues regarding, content creation, and optimization? As a content strategist, we are here to guide you in the content planning and implementations right way. Feel free to contact us.