Top 8 Keyword Research Tools for Content Marketers

Keyword research tools for content marketing

Keyword research is the same as performing marketing research. 

SEO and content marketing both rely on the keyword primarily. You may find many paid and free keyword research tools, to get the best keyword and content ideas. 

Indeed, free keyword tools have limited excess to the information and data to work on, But still are a better way to initiate the content process. 

And if you want to get more insight into the data, you can get paid tools with more insights to work upon for your content marketing strategies even better. 

The goal of content is to provide the solution, valid information. 

You can not write any content and expect that they will find you anyway. In the first phase, you have to be clear about what questions they have. 

Keyword research tools are a great way of identifying their information needs. 

The data such as search volume, keyword difficulties and competition will give you an idea of what keywords are worth your time and efforts. 

Data found from such keyword research tools will next lead you to create a topic over a certain phrase. Short-term or long term, whatever may be your keyword’s length, but it should be clear enough to understand the intent behind it. Further sharing…


Suggested keyword research tool for your content marketing. 

Google Keyword Planner

Keyword planner screenshot, google keyword planner

When you aim for google seo, then why not to use google’s own data for the purpose. Google keyword planner is the google’s free keyword research tool you can get more idea of the google search data. Also is the most favorite tool and provides better insight into every seed keyword you want to rank. But the problem with the keyword planner is, it’s giving you a range of the search volume instead of the exact number, creating complexity to get the exact idea. But still, overall it gives the keyword idea to work upon, with confidence that keyword data are reliable.



ubresuggest screenshot, ubersuggest

As a widely used keyword research tool, Ubersuggest helps you to create an optimized post on the basis of relevant keyword data. You can find some very important and premium features such as relevant keywords, questions, comparison in this free tool. Keyword suggestion and search volume with competition data, will certainly give a better view at targeting keywords in the tools. It also helps you by suggesting the content topics you can add to your content calendar.


Google Trends

google trends screenshot, google trends

As an awesome marketing tool from Google itself, Google Trends is a valid keyword research tool you can benefit from. This tool helps you to understand the trends of particular keywords and topics around the internet. Whether you want to keyword research for your SEO campaign or looking at industry data for marketing research, the tool gives you the stats you want to look at. Due to trend graphs, you can figure out your content’s potential impact, considering data analysis.


Google Search console

webmaster screenshot, search console

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We all use the webmaster or Google Search Console to check our site performance. But this also can be a tool to research keywords that we get impressions over. Along with showing your current page’s stats with keyword ranking and impressions, you can also see more keyword ideas from specific page searches. From finding new keywords within, you can create a separate page and blog that discussing the selected topic or service separately.  That way you can acquire specific attention and targeted traffic on site.


Answer the Public

answer the public screenshot, answer the public

Content convey information, every content has to answer to audience’s question. So how you can find what question they have and direct answer is, Answer the public. A keyword research tool that helps you find the search queries from google autocomplete. Considering your seed keyword, this tool helps you to identify the questions that your potential audience is searching for. Not every search query happens with a question mark, but having a purpose to get the answer. This tool benefits to provide the right information (solutions) that are targeted and able to grab more traffic due to its topic relevance. 



soovle screenshot,soovle

soovle is one of the simplest and easy to use keyword research tools in the given list. As a web-based tool, solve gives an option to select the other search engine apart from google. You can get the data for other search queries for Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, Amazon and more. Which also provides an option to compare between all of them, at the same time. Compare to other keyword research tool, soovle provide up to ten keywords closest to your typed keyword. Means, it’s not showing all the keywords, but only the closest and enough ones.


Keyword Finder

Keyword finder screenshot, keyword finder

Most keywords give you an audience insight from a global perspective. And if you want to have keyword data from specific countries, states, and local regions, then KWFinder is at best. Over 2 billion keywords and options for competitive research, KW Finder lets you perform the content campaign better. Due to its location filter on search data makes the best keyword research tool for your local SEO.  Whereas keyword difficulty scores help you in finding the best keyword that are easy to rank and make a decision over the type of content to produce.


Keyword Surfer

Keyword surfer screenshot, Keyword surfer

Known to be an alternative to Keyword everywhere, Keywod surfer is a free browser extension to get more keyword stats. Once downloaded to the browser, it shows the keyword suggestions and volume stats to work upon. Keyword surfers also showing the search volumes to specific countries.  Compare to any other extension, this tool is quite more in showing the potential visitors and backlink analysis data. This suggested keyword research tool is better for bloggers, SEOs and content marketers.


Close content: 

Of course, there are many other ranking factors that prevail to rank your specific content. But searching the right keyword is the foundation of everything else. Aim for the keywords that your business relates to and share the in-depth content on a regular basis. In the long run that helps you with maximizing your traffic and also creates an industry authority with information sources. 

Here given keyword research tools have their own way of presenting the keyword stats. You can get help from any of them to find the perfect keyword match for your content marketing plus SEO campaigns. All you need to do is, to get the actual intent of the specific keyword. That will lead your content team to plan and execute the content creation accordingly. 

If you don’t want to get yourself involve in the complex data of any keyword research tool? Let the expert do their job, as a content agency, we can help you to find the right key phrases. Feel free to contact us for keyword research services to provide a relevant and useful keyword data for your next content campaigns.

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